PERSONAL STYLIST: Shopping Trip for Mums

Do you need a special gift for your mum, or wife?  A Personal Styling Shopping Trip is a unique experience, a memory she'll cherish and share with you forever.  

Mums are so busy some tell me they only go shopping once or twice a year.  They don’t have time to continually go shopping, or go through the hassle and disappointment of returning items purchased online.  Sometimes mums only have time to buy an item of clothing as they’re rushing past a store, whilst on another errand.  So clothing is collected in a hurry and without a plan.  This means ending up with plenty of items but ‘nothing to wear’, as often they can't be mixed and matched.  Mums really benefit from the targeted approach during the Personal Styling Shopping Trip we have together, and the freedom that comes with spending less time and energy shopping, having learned expert styling tips during a standard 3-hour session.

I'm often taken aback by how much mothers sacrifice for their families.  They will say things like, "I only tend to buy in sale times - I like a bargain if it's only for me!".  And rather than booking a Personal Styling Shopping Trip with me for themselves, they will book for their son or daughter, as a present for getting into uni, or celebrating their first job.  

When mothers do finally come to me, often they've reached a point where all this sacrifice has come to a head.  It's in the spirit of creating balance in their lives, realising the importance of doing something for themselves.   

I have lost myself a bit since becoming a mum and don’t really make an effort, just wear ‘comfy’ stuff.  I want to start looking nice and feeling nice.

Other times it's their children or husbands who book a Personal Styling Shopping Trip with me as a special Christmas, Birthday, or Mother's Day gift.  When mum is not looking, their husbands often tell me to encourage her not to worry how much she spends!  They just want to treat her to looking and feeling fantastic, and give her the VIP treatment for the day.

I want my husband to feel proud that I am his wife and I want to feel proud to be me. 

A Personal Styling Shopping Trip is timely especially after a mum has gained or lost weight, perhaps after working hard at the gym, having a baby, or after illness.  During the session I impart many styling tips and tricks, to help her look slimmer, taller, or create more curves, depending on her needs.  I recommend wardrobe staples which are flattering for her body shape, which can be mixed and matched.  She'll feel empowered knowing the clothes suit her body perfectly - and feeling great leads to staying motivated to continue her exercise plan for achieving the figure she wants.

I would love to know what suits me and how to put an outfit together. I sometimes have a good day shopping, come home with a few things and realise that nothing goes with anything I have, so I take it all back!

Mums usually also ask me how to wear the trends and still be age-appropriate, which is completely achievable (I believe there's no such thing as 'too old!').  They also want me to recommend comfortable clothes which can be smartened up.  This is needed for busy mums who do so much running around, and don't wish to purchase two separate wardrobes of day and evening clothes.  A Personal Styling Shopping Trip saves them money from having to do so.  

I would like to re-invigorate my wardrobe, perhaps giving me a new outlook to what I chose or confidence that my selections are suited to me.

Often we stick to the same styles and colours, so usually mums are excited to try something new, and to revamp their image!  The experience is an exciting process for all, during which family members can keep mum company and relax in the privacy of a complimentary luxury personal styling suite.  A far cry from the usual nightmarish experience of Oxford Circus, public crowds and long change room queues!  It brings me so much joy seeing how much mums appreciate the experience and enhanced well-being of wearing their most flattering clothes, and more confidence they look their best.

For more information on my Personal Styling Shopping Trip, and to receive a complimentary 1-hour, for every 3-hour booking for your mum as a gift please contact me using the Booking Form.