PERSONAL STYLISTS: The Importance Of Personal Colour Analysis

Personal Stylist

Personal stylists offer a much more in-depth service than many realise. A common assumption is they simply pick stylish and flattering clothing for their clients, but this is certainly not the case. One of the key services that some of the best stylists provide is Personal Colour Analysis.

Personal Colour Analysis involves assessing the pigment colours in an individual’s hair, eyes, and skin tones to determine the right coloured clothing for them. When you select a personal shopper that provides this service, you know they are going to choose clothing that enhances your natural looks. Ideally they will provide you with a seasonal colour palette too so you can make better purchases in the future.

You would be shocked by how much difference the right colour clothing can make; you will look youthful and radiant whereas certain colours can make people appear drained and washed out. The best personal stylists London will also teach you about the most flattering colours to wear for certain occasions, for example, what colours will enhance your complexion, and slimming techniques using colour and print, so you'll impress on a date or important business meeting. This ensures you create a knockout impression the moment you walk through the door.

The best stylists will teach you not only about the colours that suit you, but you'll discover how to pair them effectively so that you always look stylish. You'll feel more attractive, and this will enhance your overall wellbeing, as wearing the right colours will make your face come to life, boosting your complexion and making your eyes appear brighter. This is a service for both women and men which a personal shopper should ideally provide.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of Personal Colour Analysis and why it is so important. Not all personal stylists offer this service. However, it's something I've been trained in and provide for my clients. For more information, please visit Personal Colour Analysis and for enquiries please contact me using the booking form.