Body Analysis
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For Men & Women

Analysing your body shape is ideally the first service I do for you, as dressing for your body shape is key to looking your most attractive.  Even with a wardrobe of expensive designer clothes in the best colours for your complexion, you still won’t look polished and sophisticated if your clothing doesn’t fit to flatter and enhance your body.  

What is involved in a Body Analysis?

I’ll identify your unique body shape by taking measurements and a photo of your silhouette from different angles.  Using this information I’ll prepare a report recommending your most flattering styles in all garment types.  This will include advice on proportion, line, colour and texture: the four design elements.  To achieve your most ideal silhouette each of these have to be right on target – and perfectly in sync with your body.

Fit being the ultimate test, a cheaper garment which accentuates your assets and disguises flaws will make you look a million pounds without the expensive price tag, compared with a designer garment which isn’t quite right for your body.  In this way a Body Analysis can mean significant savings by helping you make the right purchases.  Not to mention the satisfaction you’ll feel knowing you’re getting the best value for money.  As you can see, fit really is it! 


  • Receive a Body Analysis Report - containing recommendations uniquely for you to use on your own shopping trips.  Saving you time in the change rooms.  
  • A Body Analysis is worthwhile - as often people are a mix of more than one body type, requiring an in-depth analysis - covering top half, bottom half and height, to which different rules for dressing apply.  I’ll mix these rules to create a bespoke set to suit your body perfectly.  
  • All garment types are covered - your Body Analysis Report covers all areas of wardrobe.  Discover your perfect styles in tops, jackets, coats, knitwear, trousers, jeans, and accessories, including dresses and skirts (for women) and tailoring for men.
  • Tips and tricks for dressing for your body type - these will be included in your Body Analysis Report, and a recommendation of wardrobe staples which can be mixed and matched in order to maximise your wardrobe.  
  • Shop online with more certainty - you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for, so less chance to get it wrong when ordering online.
  • Abandon uncomfortable shape wear  - chances are these will no longer be needed as you'll know which styles are slimming.
  • Save time in the stores - knowing exactly what cuts and styles to look for, shopping will be quicker and easier.
  • Links to items to purchase - I'll include links to examples of flattering styles currently available to purchase.  


  • Feel fantastic knowing you've attained your most attractive silhouette - a new slimmer, taller, sexier you (whether you wish to look curvier or more muscular).  I'll recommend garment styles based on your needs.
  • Feel satisfied and empowered - knowing you're wearing clothes which suit your body perfectly. 
  • Enjoy discovering new styles - from the variety of garment styles revealed in the Body Analysis Report.
  • Benefit from having written guidance to refer to - the techniques and advice in your report will benefit you for a lifetime.
  • The perfect accompaniment to booking a Personal Styling Shopping Trip - as your report features comprehensive advice about flattering styles, and saves you from having to recall all the styling techniques covered in the Personal Styling Shopping Trip.

For further information please see Personal Styling - Introduction, and for bookings please use the contact form.