Mens Personal Shopper Service – The Ultimate Guide

Any expert personal shopper worth their salt will understand the difference between dealing with men and women. Sometimes the changes are subtle - nothing more than a slightly different intended outcome or way of wearing something. Yet, at other times, the entire premise of what you’re trying to achieve is shifted. Whether we’re talking about which accessories to choose, which style to adopt or the attitude to approach shopping with, a lot of the time most of what defines a men’s personal shopper experience is, inevitably, gender. This is in addition to the long-standing fashion trends that underpin it. Here’s how it usually works.

Core Differences Between What A Man And Woman Needs From Their Personal Shopper

Whereas women’s fashion trends are frequently driven by more abstract concepts, for men, the choices are often more focused on tradition. Inspired by tailoring preferences that have stood the test of time and spanned societal class and many other socio-economic factors, much of today’s men’s clothing would be easily recognisable to a fashion guru from one hundred and fifty years ago. This is from coats and trousers to waistcoats and shirts. For instance, the suit in its modern form has been around ever since the late 18th Century. Quite literally, you could have hired a personal shopper london for men in the mid-1850s. And, they’d have looked for many of the same qualities as a men’s personal shopper would today, with remarkable similarities. Part of the difference between men’s and women’s fashion is down to women’s gradual liberation over this time period. This is both in rules and minds, which has led to a far more open attitude from both sexes towards what constitutes ‘acceptable’ in female clothing. Men, on the other hand, haven’t necessarily experienced the same social shift, so their fashion sense has remained largely untouched when it comes to a classy, high-brow look. A personal stylist for men will also have to consider the fact that - much like their predecessors centuries ago. Men tend to lean more towards practicality than women when it comes to clothing options. This long held view means that men’s attention to fabrication and the durability of clothes is often more acute, even if the clothes items themselves rarely exhibit grand differences to one another.

What You Can Achieve By Hiring A Menswear Stylist

History is important as any teacher will tell you, but it’s not everything. The decisions described above that differentiate the blokes from the girls are also inspired by the roles and expectations of the modern man. These are sometimes the by-product of natural instincts, at other times the result of changes in social attitudes and trends and, more often than not, a combination of the two. The desire to exert more influence in the workplace, for example, is often a key reason behind why men want a menswear stylist: to make them look sharp and dynamic when hitting the office. This is born partly of ambition to reach the top of the pack and establish yourself as the alpha male in your territory. Yet, it is also guided by today’s success-driven culture, where everyone is expected to aim for career progression at all times and not doing so is regarded as questionable. Moving away from how society sees men to how they see themselves, many men will see their clothes as the final part of a ‘design’ they’ve been working towards. Take, for instance, a man who spent months slaving away at the gym to secure the body he’s always wanted. Added to the persona he’s been building for years, the clothes he wants will be the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle. It’s for cases such as these that it’s important for a men’s stylist to ask questions about a person’s wider motives in life.

Looking For A Men’s Personal Shopper? Choose Marika Page

Now that we’ve suggested just a few of the motivations that might be behind a man’s decision to employ a personal shopping service, it’s time to look into what you should expect from the experience. As an expert personal shopper with much experience in the past of working with both genders, Marika Page is well placed to analyse your needs and find the clothes that fit them perfectly. In her role as a men’s personal shopper, she has helped style celebrities and private individuals alike. Visit her website at and see how her eyes can re-design your look for the better.