Personal Fashion Stylists – Top Tips From Personal Stylists

You do not have to be a lover of fashion to want to look your best, and, thus, everyone could do with some top tips from personal fashion stylists. With that being said, in this post we are going to reveal some of the basic tips that all personal stylists give their clients.

First and foremost, it is important to make sure you always select clothes in relation to your body type. Unfortunately, everyone has a certain style of clothes that they simply cannot wear because it does not suit their shape. Everything looks good on plastic dolls, but the same cannot be said when you head to the changing room and put something on yourself. But don’t get down; what looks great on you will look horrible on someone else. It is simply a case of being aware of your virtues and your flaws so you know that to buy. Personal stylists will also give you some top tips on slimming techniques, with asymmetric dresses and tunics being a popular choice if this is your goal. Vertical patterns can also help you look slim. Aside from this, your personal shopper will change your attitude towards shopping; instead of buying single pieces, you need to shop for outfits. A lot of us are guilty of falling into the habit of buying single pieces because they are cheap. However, you simply end up with a closet full of things you will never wear. Last but not least, if you are wearing all one colour, accessories are your secret weapon – don’t forget about them.

This merely scratches the surface of the things you will learn when you invest in the services of personal fashion stylists. If this is something you are interested in, Marika Page can assist. She will help you to choose clothing that reflects who you are and flatters your shape. Simply head to to find out more.