Personal Shopper Stylist – How To Dress Slimmer

We are going to let you in on a little secret; you don’t have to live on salad and spend your evenings in the gym to look slimmer. All you need to do is make some careful wardrobe decisions. This is something a personal shopper stylist can assist with. But first, read on for some basic tips on dressing slimmer.

There are lots of great tricks an expert can provide you with when it comes to dressing slimmer. It is likely that your personal shopper will point you in the direction of tunic tops and ponchos, as they can give the illusion of a trimmer waistline. You can also distract with details too, such as an interesting ruffled neckline, as this will draw the eye away from your tummy and hips. Investing in a big bag is also advised, as smaller bags can make you look bigger. Long cardigans are also ideal, as they will make the torso seem long while waist length cardigans can shorten your body. We all know that black is a slimming colour, but this does not mean you have to stay away from bright shades. In fact, red is a colour you are certainly advised to wear, as the saturated colour will give off a confident air and soak up the light in all the right ways. Last but not least, the go-to dress that every woman needs in her wardrobe is a V-neck dress that is cinched in at the waist. You can guarantee that your personal shopper London will source dresses like this if you are looking for slimming styles.

If you want to ensure your style is on point and your clothing is flattering and slimming, the best thing to do is hire a personal shopper stylist. Marika Page has tons of experience in helping women dress slimmer, and don’t worry – this does not mean a wardrobe filled with black clothing. To discover more, head to