Personal Stylist And Shopper - What Your Colour Of Clothing Says About You

Any personal stylist and shopper will tell you that your clothing gives off a message. You want to make sure that the message is the right one. Thus, continue reading to discover what various colours say in regards to the clothing you wear.

Most people have a considerable proportion of black clothing in their wardrobe. Wearing black can often give off a high-fashion edge. However, you do need to be mindful of dressing in black entirely, as you can give off an unapproachable vibe. A personal shopper will help you to deal with this by carefully picking some jewellery pieces to go with your ensemble. White is a colour that is simple and clean. It gives off an innocent impression. Purple is a colour that has long been associated with wealth, royalty, and luxury. It also brings out a person’s creative side, so this is a great shade to wear if you are looking for inspiration. Purple is also a colour that shows that you are confident and self-assured. Next, we have red – the colour of romance. Any personal shopper London wide will tell you that this is a passionate colour and is the obvious choice when going for a bit of sex appeal. Blue is a popular clothing colour, and it has a peaceful effect. This makes it a great choice for job interviews, as it has a calming effect on those around you and implies success and loyalty. Last but not least, if you feel down go for a yellow, as this is a colour with mood enhancing properties.

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