Stylist For Men – Style Rules To Live By

When it comes to style, you always need to start with the basics. You can then hone your own personal style with the use of a top stylist for men. But first, read on to discover some timeless fashion guidelines that all men need to follow.

First and foremost, when you dress, it is not just about your personality and taste. You also need to consider the environment and the situation. What you wear when you take your kids to school is not going to be the same outfit you wear when giving a presentation to your bosses. This may sound obvious, but it is something a lot of people get wrong. A personal shopper will always tell you to ask yourself the question ‘why?’ – why are you going to wear that garment? This will stop you from wearing something simply for the sake of it, i.e. being one of those people that team a fedora hat with every single outfit they put on. One of the key aspects to dressing right is understanding clothing fit. You can have one of the most expensive and stylish suits, but if it does not fit you right, then you will have wasted your money. A men's personal shopper can teach you all about buying clothing that will flatter the body. Last but not least, make sure your wardrobe has a good selection of timeless garments, i.e. pieces that are going to be in style years from now.

Now, you know the basic style rules that all men should live by. But to really take your style to the next level, you need a personal stylist for men. Luckily, you do not need to look far, as Marika Page can assist. To find out more about her service, check out her website, Or, to get started, you can give her a call on 07535 877851.