Stylist Personal – What Your Clothing Says About You

We often hear stylist personal professionals say that our clothing is an expression of who we are. But, what does your clothing say about you? If you are the type of person to wear a printed pencil dress to work, and your colleague prefers high waisted trousers and a shirt, what does this mean in regards to your personality?

A personal shopper will tell you that it is important to dress to your character. Your clothing provides a little glimpse of who you are. If you consider yourself a vibrant character with a loud personality, does this mean that you should go out wearing a neon yellow skater skirt with a tie-dye crop top and bright pink boots then? Most certainly not, it is a balance between self-expression and being appropriate for the occasion. Think of it as a little taste of your personality. So, what does your clothing really say about you? If you wear an excessive amount of black, you could appear unapproachable, which is why embellishing your outfit with jewellery is a good idea. If your shoes are in good condition, then this indicates that you’ve got yourself together, as you have a complete look. What do you think when you see someone who is dressed in barely any clothing at all? This look distracts from your personality altogether, as people are only concerned with how much skin you are showing. If you hide behind frumpy clothing, it can be a sign of a lack of confidence whereas figure hugging outfits and bold prints show an air of self-esteem. If you don’t know how to bring out your personality, personal stylists can assist.

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