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I believe a wardrobe which makes you look your most attractive - and feel good, is part of your overall well-being.  

Do you feel your best in what you’re wearing?  Like most of us, perhaps you’d like your clothing to reflect a little more of who you are, and where you’re at in life.

I’m sure most of us can think of better things to do than face crowded shopping malls, or shop online for clothes. Not to mention the difficulty of finding adequate, let alone expert, shop assistance.  Creating a wardrobe you love, with more than enough outfits to wear in each part of your life (casual/active, work, and evening), can be a challenge when time-poor.  Add to this, a need to find the best options within budget.  

A personal styling experience with me will give you reassurance you’ve got it right.  I’ll find clothes to suit your style, which can be mixed and matched in order to maximise (get the most looks out of) your wardrobe.  I’m often in stores styling men and women of all body shapes so I know what might work for you, and will locate items efficiently - saving you time.  But it’s not just about finding you the perfect selection of individual items.  Ever feel like you have many clothes in your wardrobe but ‘nothing to wear’?  Where my skill lies is in putting together the most ideal combinations to form outfits.  

Is what you’re wearing as flattering to your body shape, and complexion, as it could be?

After your personal styling experience with me you’ll feel empowered you can finally downplay or enhance parts of your body - whether to look slimmer, taller, more muscular, or create curves.  This is down to my training in illusion dressing, which sets me apart from other stylists.  I understand these needs are important, regardless of age or individual style.  I’ll also assess the best colours for your complexion.  When you wear clothes in your best colours your face will seem more radiant, giving you that appearance of looking well, and even more youthful.  

Perhaps you’d like your own stylist but, ‘can I afford it’?  

Flattering cuts and colours of clothes are available at all price levels.  I recommend staple pieces to which you can add statement or trend items from time to time.  Good quality classics will last you in the long run, as they won’t go out of style - which means you’re buying less often.  Personal Styling is an investment.  During the session I’ll impart to you as many styling tips as I can based on your lifestyle, body shape and complexion, so you’ll feel empowered to use them on future shopping trips.  You’ll save time as you’ll be able to hone in on what you need.  Depending on your budget, you can always buy the clothes at a later date if not on the day.  Your efforts in wardrobe planning are rewarded by an enhanced image and satisfaction you've spent your clothing budget wisely.  As I'll use my knowledge of what's available to find the highest quality for the lowest price.  You'll save money, not having wasted it on the wrong items, which often more than accounts for my fee.

I understand you won’t necessarily want to look flamboyant, or stand out from the crowd.  More often you’ll simply want to look well put together.  However, I'll cater to any need you have as an individual. I help people with many styling requests including: 

  • How do I dress formally for work but still feel attractive or feminine?
  • How do I know which colours work best together?
  • What other slimming techniques exist aside from wearing black?
  • How can I express my personality but still be appropriate for work?
  • What would be my most flattering look for a date?
  • How can I adapt trends for my age?
  • How can I create comfortable looks which are still smart?

I’ll unlock your personality by referencing it in your outfits in subtle ways.  In this way, I’m different from styling companies who look upon the corporate or professional image as quite generic. 

When it comes to menswear, I’m often asked to create a fresh and modern look but in an understated way. 

I can help you exert influence by focusing on the details.  For instance, suggesting different ways to accessorise a suit so you can update your look, and wear it to multiple occasions.  Or sourcing a more elegant bag when carrying a back pack to work simply will no longer do!

What is involved in the personal styling experience?

In order to get to know you and your lifestyle, I’ll ask some questions including how you would like to look and feel, as opposed to how you look and feel now.  You may even be excited for me to recommend new styles.  The more time we have together, the more in depth your style will become.  I can arrange complimentary access to luxury styling suites at certain department stores, so you can relax in a private setting.  Perhaps you’re new to London, starting a new job, or dressing for an occasion?  Or maybe it’s a new start after a break up, or to find a partner.  A Personal Styling experience with me is the perfect way to celebrate a turning point in your life, or gift to show how special someone is to you by making them feel special.

What benefits can I give you which are unique comparable with other stylists?

I understand you’d expect your stylist to be an expert in their field, and sensitive to your needs.  It would be impossible to feel you’re in safe hands with a stylist whose experience is limited to working in stores.  Since training at the British College of Professional Styling, I gained high profile work before I embarked on Personal Styling.  I’ve worked with luxury brands, in both men’s and women’s wear, and styled A-list celebrities, having received a styling award from Rankin.  Elle Magazine featured me as one of Elle’s ‘top stylist picks’.  I also draw upon my unique training in Body Analysis, Personal Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Planning & Assessment, and Illusion Dressing to ensure you’re given as much help as possible to look your most attractive.  I collaborate with well-known artists and designers on a regular basis to refresh my work and stay competitive by working with new trends.  You’ll gain insider knowledge and a connection to the fashion industry.  More importantly, a personal styling experience with me won’t only enhance the way you look, but how you feel about your image.  Giving you the edge you need to achieve what you want in life. 

For further information, please see my individual services - Body Analysis, Wardrobe Planning & Assessment, Personal Colour Analysis, and Personal Styling Shopping Trip.  

Enjoy the benefits of all the above services in my Complete Styling Package and save.

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