Personal Shopper And Stylist – How To Colour Match Your Clothes Like An Expert

Some people are born with the ability to effortlessly mix and match clothes. For others, it is a daily struggle. If you fall into the latter category, the services of a personal shopper and stylist come highly recommended. One thing they will teach you is how to match clothes based on colour. Read on to discover more.

The great thing about colour matching is that it can easily be taught. So, here are some top tips that any personal shopper London wide will provide you with on this subject. The first is to keep it in the family. This is pretty straightforward, i.e. if you have a lilac top then match it with other pastel colours. Another method is to use the colour wheel to find complementary shades. This means opposite colours. Everyone knows that black and white look fantastic together – you don’t need a personal shopper to tell you that, and this is because they are complementary. Take a look at the colour wheel and choose colours that are opposite one and other. For example, dark blue goes beautifully with orange, pink works well with blue-greens, and yellow is a perfect match for violet. If you are wearing a print, you can break it down to the different colours that are contained in the print. Thus, if you are wearing a red, white, and blue scarf, team it with these colours. The least used colours should be used for your accessories while you should wear larger items, like jumpers and coats, in the most used colours.

Now you know a little bit more about colour compatibility, but if you really want to ensure your style is on point the best thing to do is hire a personal shopper and stylist. Marika Page is one of the top choices to consider. To find out more about what she can do for you, take a look at her website,