London Stylist – Fashion Rules For Women

A top quality London stylist can teach you some remarkable things about fashion and what to wear, from unbelievable slimming techniques to expressing your personality through your clothing. However, all women need to start with the basic style rules, which are as follows:

The most important thing to recognise is that fit is always the most crucial element when putting an outfit together. You could have the most gorgeous and expensive outfit in the world. However, if it does not fit you properly, then it is not going to look good, and all your efforts will have been wasted. A personal stylist London can teach you all about choosing the right clothes for your body shape. Aside from this, every woman needs to make sure they have a great pair of fitted trousers in their closet. This is the ultimate wardrobe staple. There is nothing wrong with buying cheap pairs from time to time, but have that one pair of quality fitted trousers that you can always rely on. They are assured to last you for the long run. A personal shopper will always tell you that dressing should be half your personal style and half your audience. While it is vital to express yourself with the clothing you wear, you do also need to make sure it is appropriate for the occasion.

Now, you have the basics for dressing well. But to ensure you look great and feel amazing, the best thing to do is hire a London stylist who can help you to develop your look and choose flattering garments. This is exactly what you have with Marika Page. Head to to find out more.