Personal Fashion Stylist – How To Dress For Your Complexion

There is a lot that needs to be considered when choosing the right outfit, irrespective of the occasion. One thing that any top personal fashion stylist will teach you about is dressing for your complexion. Read on for some top tips about this aspect of personal styling.

If you are dark skinned, bright colours can look truly stunning against your complexion. Light yellow and cobalt blue are great choices, giving off a radiant appearance. Red is another shade that looks fantastic. If you are medium skinned, i.e. you have a bronze skin tone, such as Selena Gomez or Jessica Alba, then you can let your vibrant side out with neon hues – perfect for when you are putting together your summer wardrobe. A top personal shopper will also point you in the direction of dove grey, which is great for your work wardrobe, as well as metallic shades, like copper and gold. If you are light skinned, it is likely that personal stylists will advise choosing a camel colour when it comes to your casual and work clothing. Baby blue is another colour that looks amazing, and pastels are a must come spring time. If you are looking for clothing for a night out, you are advised to go for jewel tones. Emerald is a colour that looks truly stunning on light skinned women. This gives you a basic starting point, but to really learn how to choose colours for your skin tone, you need the assistance of a professional. They will ensure you never go wrong with your colour choices.

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