Personal Stylist London – What Is Body Analysis?

Amongst all the services a personal stylist London can provide, body analysis is one of the most important. This stage in the process involves identifying the unique curves and measurements of your figure and its silhouette. Every aspect is analysed from a variety of angles, with advice given on the colour, line, texture and proportion of material that will suit you best. All this is a vital part of the personal shopper experience, and is a key step towards securing the look you want to have at all times. Here are a few of the biggest advantages of undergoing a body analysis.

What Benefits Will You Experience From A Personal Shopper That Offers Body Analysis?

One of the main benefits of receiving a professional body analysis is the fact that a London personal stylists will be able to identify factors that you’ve missed in the past. This is not to demean or downgrade each person’s knowledge about their own body - ultimately, no one knows it better. But there are often common perceptions that people get told, and subsequently believe, which turn out to be false. One of these is the idea that everyone has a particular body ‘type’ that they have to adapt all their clothing styles to. In reality, many people have a mixture of types. We’re all unique and so are our bodies. A personal styling London service will be well-placed to help you discover your best assets by taking exact measurements and examining your profile from all angles. On top of this, once each particular body type of yours is out in the open, your personal stylist London can set about planning what kinds of clothing would suit each. Given that most people will have only just discovered what they truly look like, this whole experience will be enlightening to them. This opens their eyes to a whole new range of options that were previously considered off-bounds. Not only does this include general style advice - although admittedly that is one of the most important parts of the service. But it is often the simple ideas that stick most easily in the mind - but also minor tips and tricks as well.

Save Time And Hassle With A Quality London Stylist

When it comes to actually doing the shopping itself - which, let’s be honest, is the fun bit we all look forward to - then that’s when you get to see why that body analysis was worth doing. For starters, you can save time wandering around those stores and shops, as your London stylist will guide you both towards the size range and clothes types that suit you best. This means no more setting up camp in a department store for the day and rummaging along rack after rack for hours on end which. This is, in addition, to being time-efficient and less stressful, will also be much less stressful for your partner or kids in the future. Not only can you save time. You also save hassle and discomfort later on as your body analysis report will be able to tell you what types of clothing will be the most comfortable, and which options are the most stylish for you. Given that there’s no point in looking good if you can’t feel at ease in what you’re wearing, this is a key part of the London stylists service that any professional will give a lot of thought to. Looking at underwear is often the most heinous and hated part of any shopping trip. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the process will include this, as well as selecting tops, bottoms, accessories, and every other item of clothing you need for a well put together wardrobe too.

Marika Page - The Best Option For Anyone Considering Hiring A Personal Stylist London

So those are the advantages of receiving a full and professional body analysis, or the main ones at least. Which brings us onto the next and most important question of all: which personal shopper should do it? Undoubtedly the one you choose should be an expert, a professional and a passionate connoisseur of their art. They should have been trained in the body analysis process alongside all other procedures and have had experience with countless clients of all genders. Marika Page can promise all this and more, as one of the best personal stylist London professionals in the business. Come see what she can do for you at