Stylists London – Most Stylish Celebrities

Many people take inspiration for their personal style from celebrities. Stylists London wide frequently get requests from their clients to help them develop a style that is similar to Kate Moss or Rihanna, for example. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most stylish celebrities.

One celebrity who has developed her own unique style and is constantly applauded for it is Kristen Stewart. The Twilight actress sings to her own tune, and has been applauded by the likes of Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, who said that the actress is wonderful and unlike anyone else in terms of style. Victoria Beckham is another one who has come a long way since her Spice Girl days. Now known as one of the top fashion designers, she embodies everything that her brand is about, simple yet stylish clothing that never fails to impress. She may not always get it right, and is often featured on the worst dressed lists as much as the best, but someone who is never afraid to experiment is Rita Ora. And, when she gets it right, she gets it really right. A personal shopper will always encourage you to take a risk if you are not too scared to do so. Of course, this list would not be complete without mentioning Blake Lively. Any top personal stylist London will tell you that the Gossip Girl actress is often one of the most requested celeb looks. Deputy Fashion Editor of The Times, Harriet Walker, said that Blake becoming a mother has brought out her brave fashion side.

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