Personal Shopper To Bring Out The Best In You

Personal shopper intervention needed! We were all taught to dress as children, but unless we were very lucky, these lessons only covered the basics - how to put on clothes, do up buttons and laces and so on. What you may not have learnt, though, were the dress codes for the many situations you find yourself in as an adult. There’s work and weekends, casual social occasions, and more formal events, to name but a few. They say that ‘clothes make the man’ (and woman). If you lack confidence in the clothing department, it’s time to learn more about your style, what it says about you, and how to make the very best of the assets you have.

Are Personal Stylists A Worthwhile Investment In Your Future?

The first hurdle most people have to overcome is the perceived expense of personal stylists. After all, you have successfully dressed yourself for years. Do you really need paid help now? However, if you have ever felt awkward in a social or work situation, or simply face your wardrobe with fear or loathing each morning, then a fresh pair of eyes and years of experience is definitely the way to go. Of course, there is the initial outlay of booking a session or two. But when you total up all the expensive fashion mistakes you’ve made over the years, you’ll probably find that the cost to hire a personal stylist for a few hours is a drop in the ocean. How many times have you bought something you loved, only to find it didn’t suit you when you got home? Did you then realise it didn’t match with anything you already have in your wardrobe? Perhaps you bought it in anticipation of losing a few pounds or simply because it was reduced in the sale. So much disappointment – and so much wasted money! If you feel this way, why not invest in a little education from someone in the know, and ensure your future shopping sessions offer a far better return-on-investment?

What Will A Personal Stylist London Offer You?

You may be thinking that your mum or best friend usually accompanies you on shopping trips, and they not only know you really well, but have always been a bit of a fashion guru. We’re not saying they are wrong, but there is, after all, some reason why you are looking at personal stylist London websites. Maybe you aren’t 100 per cent happy with your fashion choices to date – you simply can’t work out what suits you. You could long to try something different, but not have the courage. Perhaps you just need specialist help with a particular scenario, like a new job or an upcoming formal dinner. That’s where a London stylist comes in. This individual is a professional with experience in assisting lots of different people with many different aims. The personal shopper earns his or her keep by casting an expert eye over the bigger picture – not just the clothes, but the individual behind them. They’ll look at everything from your skin tone and hair and eye colour to your body shape and your outlook on life and the way you want your clothes to make you feel. And then they’ll give you an independent, unbiased, and constructively critical view. We’re certainly not all supermodels, but you may feel a little bit like one once you’ve had your personal shopping experience.

Personal Shopper London

We’ve been assuming up to this point that you’re female. There’s no doubt that the majority of a personal shopper’s clients tend to be so. Many men shy away from attention when it comes to clothes. Most of them actively dislike shopping. To them, it’s a necessary evil to be endured when the last t-shirt in the collection has finally given up the ghost or they just have to have a new shirt for that work interview. In these situations, shopping becomes rushed, unpleasant, stressful, and, worst of all, not planned in the slightest. If your aim is to blend in and by no means stand out, that’s fine. After all, it’s a strategy that’s worked for you all these years. But if you often feel uncomfortable in social situations, bored with your style or convinced you’re not making the most of your assets, then one session with a men’s personal shopper could change your whole outlook. It’s not girly – it’s plain common sense. You get your car MOT’d annually by a professional and spend time at the gym with a personal trainer to tone yourself up. So, why not invest in assistance from a men’s stylist for your wardrobe too?

Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone With A Men’s Personal Shopper

So how do you choose the right personal shopper? You want someone who is empathetic but prepared to be a little firm with you. You want someone who knows their stuff and has the qualifications and experience to prove it. And even if you don’t want to dress like you came straight off the catwalk, you need someone who can tailor the latest looks to suit your own body shape and lifestyle. This is one scenario where looking at testimonials from previous clients is particularly useful. Check their typical client base. Are these people like you, who have had dilemmas like yours? Equally, if the fashion stylist in question has worked with the rich and famous, are those celebrities whose styles you admire? Establish from their website that your personal shopper London will take into account both what your current wardrobe says about you and what you want to get out of the experience. It’s not necessarily about throwing everything away and starting again (although this may be an option!). Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, look for a website that resonates with you and promises a warm and friendly service. It’s essential you have some rapport with your personal shopper stylist or there will be no trust - and without trust, you will not achieve your aims.

Achieve Your Personal Best With A Personal Shopper – Contact Marika Page

The thought of hiring a personal shopper can be hugely intimidating to many people. Think of it like having a new best friend, with a whole fresh outlook and the skills and ability to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone. Just one session with Marika Page and you’ll begin to emerge, butterfly-like, from your cocoon. Life is short, so make the best of what you’ve got. Whatever your aims are – whether it’s a makeover after a difficult break-up or how to dress for work without becoming a drone, speak to Marika Page on 07535 877851. You’ll have great fun and learn how to start building the best wardrobe. Visit her website today at for an idea of how she works.