Fashion Stylists London – Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Style

When you hire one of the best fashion stylists London has to offer, they will often begin by telling you where you are going wrong at present. After all, this is the easiest place to start. After which, they will help you to hone your own personal style. Read on to discover more.

So, are you guilty of making any style mistakes that a personal shopper will tell you off for? One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of women are guilty of making today is showing too much flesh. We all know the saying that ‘less is more’ yet some people don’t seem to agree. You need to leave something to the imagination. Another big mistake people make is choosing clothing that does not fit them correctly. One of the first things a top personal stylist London will teach you is how to choose clothing that fits you right. This is an important lesson. No matter how stunning a garment is, it can instantly look bad if it does not fit you right. You also need to be cautious when selecting your accessories. If you are someone that piles on the jewellery, then take the advice of Coco Chanel and make sure you remove at least one piece of jewellery before you leave the home.

Never make a fashion mistake again by using the services of one of the best fashion stylists London wide; Marika Page. She can teach you all you need to know about dressing for your shape, personality, budget, and the occasion. To find out more about what she can do for you, head to