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When it comes to menswear, I’m often asked to create a fresh and modern look but in an understated way.  I can help you exert influence by focusing on the details.  For instance, suggesting different ways to accessorise a suit so you can update your look, and wear it to multiple occasions.  Or sourcing a more elegant bag when carrying a back pack to work simply will no longer do!


  • Exert more influence at work, or attract a partner - as a result of looking more polished and sophisticated. (Saving you from missed opportunity is an investment in yourself which cannot be underestimated).

  • Feel your best in what you’re wearing - after work socially or conducting business with clients, from obtaining a fresh and modern look.

  • Get the edge you want - after all your efforts to attain physical well-being (diet, exercise), a wardrobe update is the final step to ensure you achieve what you want.

All my services are available for men, including Personal Styling Shopping Trip, Body Analysis, Personal Colour Analysis, and Wardrobe Planning and Assessment.

Enjoy the benefits of all the above and save with my Complete Styling Package

For more information please see Personal Styling - Introduction, or visit the pages of each individual service.



For the last 20 years I've dreaded shopping for clothes and done as little as possible! One day with Marika with everything organised and stress free in a private lounge..... I won't be wandering the High Street any time soon but I'll certainly be giving her a call in a few months to do it again - great day - thankyou!

Will B., November 2018

Everyone needs (some) style advice.  Marika is the person to listen to!  The whole experience from start to finish was excellent – from the initial conversation to the actual shopping/styling day.  Marika intuitively knows what style suits and I was introduced to some new brands/styles that work for me.  Marika is very passionate about fashion and took the time and effort to pre-select a range of outfits (I wish I could have bought them all such was quality!).  Her calm and relaxed approach will make you feel at ease.  All in all, even if you don’t end up buying anything, you’ll learn a number of fashion/style tips which will hold you in good stead.  Wholly recommended!

Iyman C., July 2018

Booked a full day with this lovely woman. Personal Colour Analysis and shopping there after which both taught me so much about myself and what to look for! I would recommend Marika to anyone who like myself is starting from scratch and knows nothing about fashion. It may seem like a lot of money at first, but thats only if you're thinking short term. Thanks to our session, the long term benefits will always be remembered and utilised going forward in my life.

Fred T., April 2018

I had a thoroughly enjoyable, productive personal styling session with Marika.  She's excellent.  She took me through tens of different clothes, mixing and matching different pieces and styles until we found several looks that worked.  These included both improving my existing style as well as conjuring up new ones. I'm already looking forward to booking in another session.  I strongly recommend her to you.

Tom, H., October 2017

Marika was fantastic. The consultation helped me dramatically update my wardrobe after several years of neglect.  She helped me to identify a look that fit my body type, personality,  lifestyle, and favorite color schemes.  Marika took time to explain what fit well, what to avoid, and how to compliment one garment with another.  Her preparation and knowledge made for a very efficient and special shopping experience.  She had a plan for each shop we visited.  I have now identified many ways to reincorporate existing items into new outfits which has lead to a great expansion of my options.  I'm so thankful for Marika's time and attention.

Paul. G., November 2016

I went with Marika on a personal shopping trip, hoping to introduce some change to my wardrobe.  She very quickly and intuitively picked up on what I was trying to achieve and helped me reach my goals.  Marika was extremely helpful, resourceful, professional and kind.  She gave me helpful advice and constructive feedback and I would definitely consider hiring her again as a personal stylist

Stanyo Z, August 2016

I spoke to a number of stylists before picking Marika. She spent time and effort narrowing down exactly what I needed instead of simply wall papering me with her own agenda. It clearly paid dividends on the day, over delivering on my initial brief while being under budget. I was looking for no nonsense expertise and I got it, Marikas sweet and personable nature making her easy to spend the day with was just a bonus. I don't think there is more efficient and effective way to refresh your wardrobe.

Luke W, June 2016

I work in the media and occasionally find myself the focus of attention in terms of the way that I look and looking my best. I spent a couple of days with her being helped with choices for overhauling my wardrobe, which was badly in need of change. She is kind, dedicated, attentive and very creative, with a great attention to detail and clearly possessing very wide talents in this sphere. Since our session, I have definitely felt more confident about myself and also about trying out new things. Our sessions definitely ended up with me getting some good deals on some otherwise pricey items and some choices about which I am very happy. I would not hesitate to recommend Marika undeservedly for her work. 

LG, April 2016

Marika was excellent.  It was a worthwhile and enjoyable shopping experience.  This is a great experience thanks to the knowledge and energy Marika has for this.  She takes the time to know you and analyse you professionally before choosing which shops are best.  She looks after you the whole time and makes the experience truly excellent.

Nick R., 2015

I would use the service again for another special occaision.  This has realy helped me consider styles I would probably not have thought of trying.. now I feel more knowledgeable in picking items out. Franck B., 2014