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Price for minimum full day / 7 hrs.

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For Men & Women

Selecting clothing can be challenging and draining, so it is my aim to make the process as enjoyable as possible. 

Perhaps you’re new to London, starting a new job, or dressing for an occasion?  Or maybe it’s a new start after a break up, or to find a partner. 

A personal styling experience with me is the perfect way to celebrate a turning point in your life, or gift to show how special someone is to you by making them feel special.  

In order to get to know you and your lifestyle, I’ll provide you with a questionnaire to complete prior to the shopping trip.  This will give me an idea of what you hope to achieve, your favourite brands, budget, and preferred styles.  You’ll let me know the purpose for the shopping trip, for instance, to create a workwear capsule, or obtain wardrobe staples.  I’ll ask how you would like to look and feel, as opposed to how you look and feel now.  Using this information I’ll plan and suggest a shopping itinerary.  I can even arrange complimentary access to luxury styling suites at certain stores, so you can relax in a private setting.  


  • Quicker and easier shopping - I’ll use my knowledge of what’s available in the stores to direct our efforts.
  • Obtain clothing in flattering cuts and colours, to your body shape and complexion - I'll make recommendations to guide you as we go along.  For more in-depth advice, please see my Body Analysis and Personal Colour Analysis services.
  • Gain knowledge of styling tips - for instance, which colours go well together, or how to style an outfit to look slimmer and taller, more muscular or create curves.  
  • Maximise your wardrobe - I'll recommend wardrobe staples which can be mixed and matched, so you're not stuck with individual items that don't go together.  You'll buy less, as you'll get more looks from items you have.
  • Get more from sales staff - I’ll act as an intermediary to ensure you're assisted properly, and they don’t try to sell you things you don’t need.
  • Learn how to adopt current trends - I'll make recommendations which are age appropriate, no matter what age group you're in.
  • Refine and expand your style - I’ll recommend styles I think will suit you based on what I know you like, your personality and lifestyle.
  • Save money - I'll work to obtain the highest value for the lowest price using my knowledge of what is available in the stores.
  • Gain a selection of well put together outfits - I'll help you create these, drawing upon my professional training, knowledge and unique experience as a fashion, celebrity, and personal stylist.


  • Exert more influence at work, or attract a partner - as a result of looking more polished and sophisticated.  (Saving you from missed opportunity is an investment in yourself which cannot be underestimated).
  • Feel your best in what you’re wearing - after work socially or conducting business with clients, from obtaining a fresh and modern look.
  • Gain reassurance you got it right - I'll work effectively within the time frame to find clothes which suit you perfectly.  You'll feel better knowing you're getting what you want, without having to settle.
  • Have fun and feel special - enjoy the VIP treatment, and unique experience a personal styling session with me brings.  Ditch the boredom of shopping online, or facing crowded shopping malls on your own.
  • Enjoyment and satisfaction - knowing your clothing reflects more of who you are, and where you’re at in life.
  • Get the edge you want - after all your efforts to attain physical well-being (diet, exercise), a wardrobe update is the final step to ensure you achieve what you want.

For further information please see Personal Styling - Introduction, and for bookings please use the contact form.