Booked a full day with this lovely woman. Personal Colour Analysis and shopping there after which both taught me so much about myself and what to look for! I would recommend Marika to anyone who like myself is starting from scratch and knows nothing about fashion. It may seem like a lot of money at first, but thats only if you're thinking short term. Thanks to our session, the long term benefits will always be remembered and utilised going forward in my life.

Fred T., April 2018

Marika was such a great help!  I am new to the city and was unfamiliar with the brands and stores- there are so many to choose from!  I did not wish to spend my free time learning a whole new shopping culture.  I contacted Marika via telephone and she was surprisingly available!  We had a long chat where I detailed what I was looking for in a new work wardrobe.  She provided a lot of information on top designers and others who would not fit what I was looking for.  I was thrilled to spend the day with Marika trying on the roomful of looks she picked out for me.  There must have been close to fifty pieces not including shoes and accessories!  You can see how dedicated Marika is to her work.  She works realistically with your style, shape, colors that suit best and is excited when pieces work together in unexpected ways.  Her focus was much appreciated.  I would highly recommend Marika to anyone looking for a change or a complete new style.  I'm sure I'll see Marika again in the future.  Thank you Marika!

Eniz, A. January 2018

Marika is simply amazing. I'd highly recommend her Personal Styling Shopping Trip to anyone who's thinking about it. She understands a broad range of styles and really takes the effort to understand what you are looking for. She also makes you relaxed during the process and is very sensitive to your spoken/unspoken preferences which I find the most charming and incredible. Overall I had a most pleasant shopping experience and got many nice pieces that I really need but it'd take me years to find on my own. 

Tyah, J. December 2017

I met with Marika last week for a Personal Styling Shopping Trip - and what a great day it was! I had so much fun (it was even more enjoyable than I was expecting) and I came away with lots of new clothes that I feel fantastic in. Marika really spent time understanding what would work for me (even thinking about whether or not the clothes would crease easily - as I tend to go to the gym in the morning and just chuck stuff in my bag) and she prepared a whole rail of clothes in advance for me to try on. This made the whole experience relaxing and stress free and meant that I could start trying things on as soon as I arrived! She introduced me to a some new brands that I was not familiar with (and now love!) and also some new styling tips that I would not have thought about myself. I've already worn some of the outfits I bought and people have been very complimentary. I've been telling everyone what a fantastic time I had and what a worthwhile investment Marika's personal shopping service is. I hope to use her again in the future (maybe for a spring/summer wardrobe update). Thanks Marika!

Christine W., December 2017

Marika came to my house first and assessed my wardrobe which (a) gave her real sense of my existing style, (b) she helped me see how items in my wardrobe could be worn (in a different way to how I had seen them), and (c) it prepared her so much better for our shopping day.  For our styling/shopping day she had her own styling room set up with dozens of pre-selected clothes, shoes and bags for me to try.  It was relaxed, fun and productive.  I’m fussy and she really got my style and requirements.  Really impressive.

Julia R., November 2017

I had a thoroughly enjoyable, productive personal styling session with Marika. She's excellent. She took me through tens of different clothes, mixing and matching different pieces and styles until we found several looks that worked. These included both improving my existing style as well as conjuring up new ones. I'm already looking forward to booking in another session. I strongly recommend her to you.

Tom H., October 2017

Marika's advice it's invaluable.  Her  bespoke and fresh approach to fashion have changed my image and the way I approach my shopping.  I have received so many compliments after I started to follow her advice and would definitely recommend Marika to everyone wanting really high standards.

Anna O., July 2017

I was looking for a stylist in London for the day and found Marika via a web search. She had by far the best website and looked like a good fit. Marika was excellent - prepared, knowledgeable and great fun. I spent a lovely day with her and she made sure my brief (to find a capsule wardrobe) was met. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Victoria S., July 2017

Thank you for our Shopping trip Marika! It was a pleasure shopping with you. You helped me choosing different styles that I wouldn't have bought without you. I love all my new purchases! I would definitely recommend a shopping trip with Marika!  

Christina S. June 2017

Marika is absolutely amazing! The Complete Styling Package was like a dream come true! It was so important to go over my closet first so we had time to get to know each other, Marika learned my style, what I like and dislike about my body and the type of clothes I need for my crazy life, and it was so much fun to throw away clothes I don't wear anymore. The Personal Colour Analysis was surprising for me and I learned a lot, suddenly looking for clothes that fit me became much easier. The shopping trips we did were absolutely inspiring, fun and fulfilling, shopping became a fun thing instead of another chore on my to do list. Thank you Marika for being the amazing woman you are, for preparing our shopping days before we met, for letting me feel like a princess for one day :) I can't wait for the next time.  

Adi B, December 2016

I did a day's shopping with Marika and thought she was fantastic. In the run-up to our day's shopping, she really listened to what I was after and spent a lot of time and effort researching what was in the shops which made our day out really easy. I bought tons of great clothes, some of which I would never have picked up myself. She's fun and easy to spend time with and I really enjoyed the day. I would highly recommend her, the whole experience exceeded my expectations.

Natasha B, November 2016

I thought Marika was very professional and really listened to what I wanted from this experience. We stayed away from the high street and focused on young designers. She did her research and found me some great pieces with a great price point. I would highly recommend her. She's also super fun to spend the day with and made the whole experience easy.

Shaheeda S, October 2016

Marika is incredible! I was on the hunt for a very limited edition luxury handbag and she was up for the challenge. Marika is extremely professional, thorough, responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I hope to book a complete personal shopping experience one day!

Dana F, September 2016

I went with Marika on a half day personal shopping trip, hoping to introduce some change to my wardrobe. She very quickly and intuitively picked up on what I was trying to achieve and helped me reach my goals. Marika was extremely helpful, resourceful, professional and kind. She gave me helpful advice and constructive feedback and I would definitely consider hiring her again as a personal stylist.

Stanyo Z, August 2016

I spoke to a number of stylists before picking Marika. She spent time and effort narrowing down exactly what I needed instead of simply wall papering me with her own agenda. It clearly paid dividends on the day, over delivering on my initial brief while being under budget. I was looking for no nonsense expertise and I got it, Marika's sweet and personable nature making her easy to spend the day with was just a bonus. I don't think there is more efficient and effective way to refresh your wardrobe.

Luke W, June 2016

I work in the media and occasionally find myself the focus of attention in terms of the way that I look and looking my best. I spent a couple of days with her being helped with choices for overhauling my wardrobe, which was badly in need of change. She is kind, dedicated, attentive and very creative, with a great attention to detail and clearly possessing very wide talents in this sphere. Since our session, I have definitely felt more confident about myself and also about trying out new things. Our sessions definitely ended up with me getting some good deals on some otherwise pricey items and some choices about which I am very happy. I would not hesitate to recommend Marika undeservedly for her work. 

LG, April 2016

I enjoyed the day more than I thought I would because Marika arranged a private styling lounge which felt a bit more personal and gave me more time to see how the outfits looked.  It felt great to also have a member of staff pick out sizes from the shop floor - a great time saver.  I definitely learnt so much about what suits my body shape and which colours suit me best.  I feel as though my look has been reinvented.  Before I was not very confident with certain parts of my body, which made me feel a little insecure about myself.  Since the session with Marika I feel much more comfortable to show these areas off more and just own it!

The personal styling experience was so much better than shopping on my own because I usually end up disliking what I purchased and feel like I always buy the same items.  This time I found over five outfits and a pair of shoes.  I learnt so much about what to wear and how it will compliment my figure more.  Something I was unsure of before my styling session.  I have been shopping again since and now I know exactly what I like and what to buy without feeling like I am wasting money.

The looks put together from my session with Marika play a massive part in my new career. 

I've received so many great compliments from my friends who have noticed the new colours Marika picked for me really suit me.  And the outfits I bought really bring out my figure and show me off more.  Top styling tips by Marika.  It has been worth getting a professional on board.

I feel like I have a brand new style now.  Great ideas from Marika which are helping me to grow a new wardrobe with confidence and less junk!  I have a new style with the help of my stylist, clothes that make me feel very sexy.

Marika was sensitive to my needs as I was very scared to try out the new colours, something I must honestly say will still take me a lot of getting used to.  Aside from recommending the service I am actually hoping to use Marika's service again.  When speaking to other stylists they did not seem passionate enough to me about what they did which I absolutely hate!  I like value for money and most importantly service to me is what I pay for.  If I walk away from paying for something I am not happy with it usually means it will not serve it's purpose to me.  In this case when speaking on the phone with Marika she knew what she was talking about and the extra effort she put into shop research before I got there and the helpful questionnaire made me pick her to style me so THANK YOU :) (Shaz K.)


"I 100% recommend styling sessions with Marika!  Marika is extremely friendly, helpful, amazingly efficient in the shops and most of all an expert in the field of styling!

I desperately needed styling help and Marika catered to my styling needs perfectly.  I wasn’t on a massive budget, I don’t shop in designer stores and I did not want to come out with clothes that to me looked ridiculous in the name of style.  I wanted clothes that would be most flattering on me but most of all they had to be comfortable!  Marika picked out styles that I was familiar with but also picked items I would have never picked up; they looked fabulous on!  Marika also taught me what colours and styles best suit me.  

I used to hate shopping as I’d always spend ages in each shop, try at least eight items on in each shop and come out with nothing.  When I did end up purchasing things I never wore most of them as I always found they didn’t look quite right on when I got home after all.  The Colour Analysis and Personal Styling Shopping Trips with Marika were so enjoyable but also incredibly valuable.  I now have the skills to walk into a shop and immediately pick out items that will suit me.  Now I have a new wardrobe of clothes, shoes and accessories that look great!  I received compliments from family and friends immediately.  The investment in personal styling with Marika is the best investment I ever made and will continue to keep on making!"  (Emily P.)


"As soon as I met Marika I knew she was the right person for the job.  She was charming and very professional.  She took the time to understand what I wanted to gain from the experience and talked me through her thoughts as we shopped every step of the way.  I already had a general idea of what colours and shapes suited me but that was limited and she gave me many more options than I had ever imagined.  Since my experience I have gone shopping in my own town and found the whole experience so enjoyable and easy.  I picked things off the rails that were perfect for me and I feel that I have gained a new understanding of how to actually shop successfully.  It has saved so much time and money to have been taught the principles of building a wardrobe of staple pieces to then complement with colour and personality.  I would thoroughly recommend it.  It will save you a fortune in the long run and avoid you wasting money on clothes you will never wear.  It has helped me to push the boundaries; appreciate the colours I should choose and garment style and fit that suits my shape". (Amanda P.)


"Marika was excellent. It was a worthwhile and enjoyable shopping experience.  This is a great experience thanks to the knowledge and energy Marika has for this. She takes the time to know you and analyse you professionally before choosing which shops are best. She looks after you the whole time and makes the experience truly excellent". (Nick R.)


"I really appreciated Marika's encouraging approach. She had a sense of humor, really made an effort to understand what I wanted and encouraged me to try new things.  I learnt what worked with my figure and complexion and still benefit from that today." (Tracey M.)


"Marika was very supportive and non judgemental.  She worked incredibly hard to find me the right outfit to wear – full of energy, great ideas and positivity.  Found me something great to wear and given me confidence to wear it!" (Steffani-Jade)


"We had a great time. Marika was lovely and very helpful.  We came back with a full wardrobe for Franck, as planned." (Mother - Marie).


"I would use the service again for another special occaision.  This has realy helped me consider styles I would probably not have thought of trying.. now I feel more knowledgeable in picking items out."  (Franck B.)


"It's given me a new view on things I have already in my wardrobe and how to wear them differently.  Tips and tricks I wouldn’t have known I hadn’t been told.
 Marika is a lovely fun vibrant person who quickly figured out what suits me and what sort of style goes with my shape.  I thought my wardrobe had nothing good in there but she started to mix and match my own clothes to give them a new look.  I wore one of the outfits to work a few days later and people thought I’d been out shopping when in fact I’d always had the pieces but never smartened them up until she showed me."  (Mary)


"Saturday was a wonderful experience.  Marika was very good and gave me some good tips and advice and we made some lovely purchases.  She gave me confidence to try new things."  (Donna W.)